Writing Project Presentations

The Hemmingway Project

by Peter Voisin

The Hemmingway Project is a writing project that investigates the Hemmingway Editor on-line AI program and explores the role of AI in the development of an author’s work.

I have completed my examination of the Hemmingway Editor program. After working with my first chapter of my SyFy Novel Trilogy, “The Chronicles of Jillene” (Evolution), I further tested the AI program with one of my raw audio recordings TS-24. I have over 30 recordings of different aspects of my novel). My verbal “self-talk” has been my best method of flushing out ideas and development solutions.

Here is the sequence I completed and will be presenting to you today.

  1. Audio file TS-24 (click Listen)
  2. Transcription of TS-24 (click Read) (714 words and about a 2-minute read)
  3. Summary analysis of TS-24 (200 words and about a 2-minute read) (click Analize)
  4. 6 rewrites by the Hemingway AI program (click Rewrites)
  1. Confident (277w)
  2. Casual (284w)
  3. Detailed (333w)
  4. Friendly (263w)
  5. Formal (233w)
  6. Persuasive (179w)

(w = words)

 After completing the rewrites of this recording, I have concluded that I have a writing style that does not mirror any of these basic suggestions that the Hemingway programmer expected writers to utilize.  That was quite a refreshing observation to have. AI author tools do not replace my writing. It uncovers aspects of it that I can fine tune and improve.