Rant #1: "The Broadcaster"

Broadcasting or Communication?

I sometimes get caught up in a subject and I find myself “Broadcasting” and then waiting for you to “Broadcast” back. There is NO communication involved. It’s like me inflicting my favorite TV show onto you and then you inflicting your favorite TV show onto me. Or maybe you don’t inflict anything on me at all but I am clueless about it! I HATE THAT!

As I look in the mirror and think about this, there seems to be three steps to good communication that I need to follow.

  1. I say something clearly to you.
  2. I listen to see if you understood what I said.
  3. I now listen to your reply to make sure I understood what you said.

I know, I know… so much work… BUT… imagine a world in which we try to actually fully understand what we say to each other and look though each other’s eyes to see what we might have missed! Need to do better…need to do better…