Our soul is the most elusive aspect of our well being and can include our faith, philosophy, and experience. This is what we will explore with future content. For now, I leave you with a prayer that I wrote for my three daughters as we continue to enjoy and appreciate the remaining time we have together.

The Sanctity Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for the Universe. Help us understand and remember

The Sanctity of Life

The Sanctity of Love

The Sanctity of Listening

The Sanctity of Learning

The Sanctity of Accountability

The Sanctity of Civility

The Sanctity of Forgiveness

Lord, help us to remember to be in Sanctity Living each and every day and for as long as we have breath.

We pray this in your precious name.


Children of God

As an adopted Child of God’s Family,

He asks me every day to

give cheerfully,

serve willingly, and

be faithful to all of His Children.

Trinity Prayer of Thanksgiving

GOD, thank you for creating the Universe for us.

JESUS, thank you for coming for us, taking our sins away, and adopting us into your Holy Family.

HOLY SPIRIT, thank you for living within us and infusing our lives with GRACE.