Requiem for the Unknown Believer


Requiem for the Unknown Believer was composed in February 1, 2014 and is my 112th composition. It is scored for Brass Quintet, Chorus, Hand Bells, and Organ. The text is in Latin and follows the traditional Mass. Each movement has been composed to complement the others. I composed the 10th movement, Paradisum first to establish my musical destination before I made the ‘journey’. Go here to listen to an interview with Dr. Jennifer Pasqual from St. Patrick’s Cathedral on November 16, 2016 on the genesis of this choral work.

1. Requiem Aeternum
2. Kyrie Eleison
3. Dies Irae
4. Offertorium
5. Sanctus
6. Benedictus
7. Agnus Dei
8. Lux Aeternae
9. Libera me
10. Paradisum

The research and study of the Requiem was a very enriching experience and you can follow my journey by reading my research notes (click here: Requiem Blueprint). Reading the words of the entire Sacred Mass was an incredible study in faith and the values and ideas it encompasses are timeless and are just as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago.

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