The Chronicles of Jillene


by Gabriel Stohn

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Calish City (population 121 million) has grown into a crushing metropolis. It is becoming unbearable for Jelline and she is struggling with what to do next with her life. She has passion for her music therapy mission but is also worried that she will burn out and never recover. She is debating whether to take 6 month off and let her assistant cover for her while she takes a break to rest or to travel to India on a spiritual retreat. A botanist colleague from her old university has invited her to the Amazon rain forest to investigate some unexplained phenomena associated with newly discovered herbs and barks. Jelline has also recently discovered (by a genetic test) that she is related to two ancient South American races (the Norte-Chico and the Inca) and wants to investigate her ancient ancestry. She cannot understand why this is occupying her thought-streams and feels that this is something she must do.

The “Chronicles of Jillene” is the second of a three-part SyFy novel series (The CISUM Effect) about a woman (Jelline) who changes the world. Telepathy, live acoustic music, and even a hint of Alien influences all are woven into this tale of what WILL BE!

The first novel, “The Chronicles of Jonas represents the Prequel

Genesis” of this series.

The second novel, “The Chronicles of Jelline” represents the Interquel

Evolution” of the series and will be released first!

The third novel, The Chronicles of Stellarepresents the Sequel

Destiny” and is also being created and will complete the series.

Once the release of the second novel (being released first), is completed, the readers will vote on which novel will be released next (the Sequel or the Prequel). Stay tuned for the digital release of the second novel tentatively scheduled for release in December of 2023. There are plans to introduce the Chronicles of Jelline as a series of short stories with access to an annual subscription packages complete with graphics, reference documents, live blog chat room, and an opportunity to submit your ideas to be included in future novel releases.

Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite:

The Ancients