Music is the Universal Language

Music explores brass chamber music as well as non-brass, organ, and larger ensemble compositions and arrangements created by Peter G. Voisin. In 1991, Peter founded the Premier Brass as a chamber group devoted to chamber brass performances and the introduction of original compositions and arrangements. As time went on, compositions and instrumentation expanded to include all combinations of chamber music creations. Free sheet music and playback files are available through Premier Brass Publications as well as a list of the over 130 compositions and arrangements that have been produced. In addition, there are two (2) Tribute web pages devoted to Peter’s father, Roger Voisin listed under VoisinNation and “In His Words” below. Finally, there is a music link page where you can find musical organization and trumpet artist web pages. If you have any suggestions for content, please use the Contact Us on the menu to share your ideas.

The Music section consists of 7 sections and are available either by clicking below or under the Music sub menu.

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