Finding Our Inner voice

Our best motivation comes from our “Inner Voice”. After we sort out all of life’s distractions, we are left with our true purpose in life and our use of our gifts and graces. This page is devoted to exploring some concepts that can align you with your self.

Relationships / Time / Choice / Emotions / The Glass

introducing VE Empower,

a resource consulting service (RCS):

It’s all in your Mind…

My strength in problem-solving environments is based on a four- step process that I have applied to my financial advisory career, my non-profit management, my live music performances & composition projects, and relationship-based volunteer activities. They are to LISTEN | RESEARCH | ADVISE | SERVICE. This process “collects” the dots and then “connects the dots” to create sustainable solutions.

VE Empower offers the following consulting services :

CategoryPrice Options
Individual employee
Small business owner
Family & Legacy
Flat Fee
Quarterly retainer
Bartered exchange

All projects are designed to exceed your expectations, or you are not obligated to pay me.
I am not looking for a win-lose outcome.  I want US to win.

Here is a quick self evaluation to see if you are already operating in the Empowerment Zone. This can help you decide if you want to learn more about my consulting services. Click here to take the Empowerment Zone “self-eval“.

I have an onboarding step to facilitate the evaluation of your goals and the feasibility of using my services.  Just fill out the Client Onboarding Profile below and email it to I am in the process of setting up a web form to make this easier in the future.  Once I receive your profile, I will offer a service package based on your category and profile. We are equal partners in this process with you driving and me offering navigational ideas. There is no You and no Me but only WE!

To get you started, click the links below to see if the four (4) worksheets below can be of value to your empowerment.

  • Client Onboarding Profile (click here)
  • DoMores & DoLesses (click here)
  • Entrepreneurial Loop (click here)
  • Critical Thinking (click here)
  • 3-step goal planning (click here)

You can share these document by sending it to your email as a Word (editable) document and complete the profile. Then email it back to me. Or you can email me @ I will send it to you a profile sheet (Word-editable). Complete instructions are on the profile. Then mail it back to me.

I am ready to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before you disclose any personal information. I do not sell or market or share anyone’s personal information. I have been fingerprinted by Ameriprise Financial, the SEC, FINRA, and have had background checks for my non-profit and volunteer work including the North Carolina Guardian ad Litem child advocate program.  Please attach and email your Client Onboarding Profile to I will send you a confirmation email stating that I am working on your proposal and provide you with a delivery date.