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Content update

Watch for my “Content Update Post” so you can see what has been added since your last visit. 02/29/2020 update is now live.

Peter G. Voisin
Peter G. Voisin

Q1 (quarter 1) update history

  • Welcome Page
    • I added a link to find out more about me.
    • “click here to find out more about me (Peter Voisin)”
  • Music
    • Listening Room now offers 6 original compositions with varied instrumentation. I also just added a Dedication piece entitled 12 Inventions for 5 brass written for the Factory Seconds Brass Trio.
    • Premier Brass has been updated with pictures and musicians names over the years.
    • Music Links has been updated with web links and content.
  • Trumpet Studio
    • Trumpet Studio has just been added for the High School, College, or Weekend Warrior.
  • Scribe now has 5 pages.
    • Rants & Raves
    • Biography
    • Blog
    • SyFy Trilogy Novel
    • Life Hack
  • Gourmet now has 5 pages
    • Kitchen Tips for the Gourmet
    • Cooking with Wine
    • Movie Party
    • Comedy Corner
    • Chez Voisin
  • Empower now has 5 pages
    • Philosophy
    • Motivation
    • Finance
    • Health
    • Vintage

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  1. Menus and jump links will be improved and streamlined to make this website as user friendly as possible.

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