Where does it all go?

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow:

Complete your personal budget of gross monthly income and gross monthly expenses. You will find this an eye opener and it will reveal two important things; what you feel bad about and what you feel good about with your spending! You want to get to a point in your life that you feel good about all your spending and that includes your savings and giving! And just for the record, savings IS future spending!   Click the Budget Master to get started.  Budget Master

Where does it all go?Click image to read article.

Use a three bucket strategy with your monthly savings and a Cash Flow Timeline through your life expectancy.

  • cash reserves
  • non-retirement
  • retirement

Click the Lifeline Worksheet to get started



Live below your means today:

Live” with 80% of your monthly income.

Save” with 10% of your monthly income.

Give” with 10% of your monthly income.


Click on the image to read my Lifehack article on spending and savings below.