Rave #1: The Mirror

Rave#1: “The Mirror“

What do you “see”?

So I look in my mirror in the morning (after I have made my bed!) to make sure I look presentable and nothing is out of place. But wait… do I see EVERYTHING that is standing there? What about the things I don’t see., you know, responsibility, groomability, humility?

Responsibility: If I am responsible to myself, I can be better at being responsible to others so…when my feet hit the floor every morning, I make my bed. When I do those little things, I am more apt to do those big things.

Groomability: When I take care of my appearance, it is a reflection on myself so…I brush my teeth, I brush my hair, I bathe/shower my body, I clip my nails, I polish my shoes, I hang my cloths on the right hangers. When I care about myself, I can care better for others.

Humility: Each day, I find myself loosing my temper, making a mistake, or needing to “re-do” a decision. It is a very rare day that at least one or two of these things DON’T happen to me. So every day, I am ready to say: I am sorry (temper), I was wrong (mistake), I changed my mind (“re-do). Since I am an imperfect being, humility helps me manage my flaws. My “Daily Mirror” reflects how I manage them. Try it tomorrow and see how your day goes!