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My name is Peter Voisin. Thank you for visiting and exploring the life-paths of Music, Scribe, Gourmet, and Empower. Click here to find out more about me. Click here to see what’s new. Come back often for the latest additions.

All of us have been affected by the COVID medical reality and we find ourselves in “reset mode“. Click here to visit some recommended medical web pages. Large and small businesses are becoming more flexible using websites and virtual screen2screen communication alternatives to deliver needed products and services to their customers.

Some of us are even taking time to evaluate where we are in our life journey and that is one of the many reasons I created this website. I would encourage you to evaluate where you work and volunteer and compare their VISION (where ) and MISSION (how) to yours. Then write yours down. (Click the Entrepreneurial Loop for some suggestions). I have shared mine below.


“Aligning my lifestyles to my values”


Synergizing Music-Scribe-Gourmet-Empower and adding them to my day.

I have designed this website with YOU in mind (user friendly). Whenever you see a text word in color, you can click it because I have embedded a link for your convenience. Also, if you are in the middle of a page and want to jump to another page, go to the right of the page (on your PC) or scroll to the bottom (on your phone) and you will find the menu. We are always open to content suggestions! Stay tuned!

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VE Empower

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Its all in your Mind!

VE Empower is now available as an individual consulting service.

My strength in problem-solving environments is based on a four- step process that I have applied to my financial advisory career, my non-profit management, my live music performances & composition projects, and relationship-based volunteer activities. They are to LISTEN | RESEARCH | ADVISE | SERVICE. This process “collects” the dots and then “connects the dots” to create sustainable solutions.

VE Empower offers the following consulting services:

  • Individual employee 
  • Small business owners 
  • Family & Legacy
  • Non-Profit 

VE Empower offers the following price options:

  • Pro-Bono-Publico
  • Flat Fee
  • Quarterly retainer
  • Bartered exchange

For more information on VE Empower, click here.