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In His Words

Roger Voisin was a master story teller. It was because it was usually a story that he learned from his father, Rene, or a colleague in the Boston Symphony, or from even one of his students!

Here is an interview that Brian Bell (with classical radio station WCRB) did with Roger in 1993. Find out on which street and in which country Roger had his first trumpet lesson.

MP3 Sound Files 

You will find six (6) albums of MP3 sound files grouped by subject of Roger discussing aspects of musicianship or performance technique that he found would help him "serve music". 

  • Career reflections.
  • Colleagues of his and their experiences.
  • Excerpts of him performing.
  • Performance techniques
  • Teaching
  • "In Their Words" - colleagues reflecting on Roger's influence.

MP4 Video clips (Interviews and BSO Television recordings)

I am also starting to edit two video interviews I conducted with Roger on the patio of his Tanglewood cottage in the summers of 2004 and 2005. I hope to have some "shorts" arranged by subject matter as well as the full length, uncut video for viewing later this year.  


Roger Voisin Interview

Roger & Peter doing the video interview in the summer of 2004. 



Roger & Martha at "The Cottage" in Stockbridge, MA near Tanglewood.




Stay tuned as I begin to add these items to this section of the website.