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Voisin Trumpet Studio is a resource for the Weekend Warrior, the high school student, the college student, and all our dedicated educators and teachers.  It also can help gigging professionals exchange helpful practice and performance tips to add to our playing experience.

During my career, I have had the privilege of being around many great players, teachers, and mentors, ever since I began studying the trumpet in 1961. Here are just some of the musicians that have enhanced my life in "life-order".  Marcel Lafosse, Roger Voisin, Mel Broiles, Robert Nagel, Ken Austin, Gene Young, Charles Lirette, Calvin Price, Ray Mase, Charlie Lewis, Nat Paella, Dan Sappochetti, George Coble, Cliff Newton, Charlie Mattiessen, James ThompsonBill Pfund, Frank Kaderabek, Leonard Candelaria, Michael Arndt, Eric Berlin, David Hickman, Gary Malvern, Jeff Purdle, Harry Kim, Larry Black, Chris Martin, Woody Dotson,  Jamie Hafner, Pamela VoisinCharles Vernon and many other brass players have all contributed to my development and I have taken the best from all of them.  The brass chamber community has also enriched my understanding of the trumpet and over the years artists such as the  Canadian Brass  and the Empire Brass have added much to my musicianship and performance approaches.  The ITG is also a fantastic resource to use and I plan to attend the 2015 ITG Conference in Columbus Ohio this summer.

We are only as good as our "weakest link" in our playing so get to it and find your "weakest link".  Then make it a stronger link.  Then do another inventory and find your next "weakest link" and get on that one BIG-TIME!.  Repeat often.   Good luck and let me know how you are doing next quarter when I introduce my "Studio Blog".



Know Thy Self

"Know thy Self"...This is easy to say but hard to do. I'm talking about your mind, your body, and your soul (Zen). Below is an inventory for you to consider. I am not offering any hot trumpet tips because I have not found any and I don't think they even exist! But asking the right questions can lead to the right answers and the inventory process can help uncover what our next steps can be in our trumpet playing evolution. We ultimately must become our own teachers to achieve the grade we want.  Consider the grade of "B" which stands for "Better". Better is a sustainable philosophy so go fo the "B" (better)!


The Studio will be exploring the Mind | Body | Artists | Brassology (resources) | Studio Practice Sheets | Studio Blog. I invite you to go the the menu on the right or bottom (depending on your device) and begin your journey. Next quarter I will activate the Studio Blog and we can share our key learnings together!



Trumpet playing begins in the Mind and then expands to the body. It is our "software" and without it, our "hardware" will not get the job done.



Embouchure | aperture | tongue | neck tilt| sholders  arms | hands | fingers | spine | diaphram | abdominals | low breath | high breath | sitting | standing | legs | feet | ... all influence our playing. There is no way we can think about all of that AND play the notes never mind play the music. Unless we practice (and practice employing "practice sets"), good habits are hard to form. But if we are motivated to find our best, these good habits will kick in automatically so we don't have to think about all of this when we are playing.



These master musicians have all of this happening so we can learn a lot from them if we take the time to do so. In the year 2014, we have You Tube, websites, live performances, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, and the ITG Conferences at our disposal if we chose to utilize them.

Consider this Artists section as the "Art" of playing.



This is the brass pedagogy that can help the Mind organize itself with knowlege and insight. I have also just added the Trumpet Studio Collection that features other studios and what they are doing. 

Consider this Brassology section the "Science" of playing.


Studio Practice Sheets:

I encourage you to create your own Studio Sheets that pinpoint your "weakest link" and change it to your "stronger link" wilth daily drills... the RIGHT kind of daily drills. Then look for your new "weakest link" and make some more Studio Sheets. This puts you on the path of building good practice habits. Over the years as I have improved my playing skills, the old Studio Sheets haved morphed into better ones.

Most of this material is not origional. It has been derived from all the wonderful teachers, performers, and mentors that I have had the privilege and good fortune to know.


Studio Blog:

Next quarter I will activate the Studio Blog. Here is where we can all get to sharing our key learnings with each other.  


The Studio will be exploring the Mind | Body | Artists | Brassology (resources) | Studio Practice Sheets | Studio Blog. I invite you to go to the menu on the right of this page and begin your journey. Good "chops" to you all!