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The Listening Room

Six MP3 Albums

The Listening Room is where you can hear Peter Voisin's compositions and arrangements with varying instrumentations and choral settings. All the music is composed on the Finale notation software and also produces the MP3 file you are hearing. The choral parts you hear are produced using the "ah" vocal patch and will not articulate the actual lyrics which are typically scored in Latin (for the church works).



Hendersonville Symphony Youth Orchestra


Albums by Instrumentation (10 albums)

  • Program Sampler
  • Brass Quintet
  • Trumpet Ensemble (4-9 tpts)
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Brass Chamber
  • Mixed Chamber
  • Choral
  • Midi
  • "Hues": Marimba | Trumpets (8) - 1 player | Piano
  • "Strings": Contrabass | Trumpet in C | Piano



Brass quintet

Albums by Collection  (additions are planned)

Brass Quintet Collection - Patriotic

Brass Quintet Collection - Holiday

Trumpet Studio Collection - Trumpet Christmas - 8 trumpets 




Composer's Brass Sampler  (13)

  • Jacoby Fanfare* (4tpts)
  • Immanuel arrangement (9tpts)
  • To The Nines* (9tpts)
  • National Geographic arrangement (BQ) (not yet approved for publication)
  • Carol of the Bells arrangement (BQ)
  • Fanfare for the Common Man arrangement (BQ) (not yet approved for publication)
  • Williams Olympic Fanfare arrangement (BQ) (not yet approved for publication)
  • Fanfare for the 75th* (BQ|Organ)
  • Florida Suite* - 4th movement: Miami Nites (BQ|Soprano Sax| Midi)
  • Fanfare for the Family* (4 BQs)( also arranged for Brass Band)
  • Tanglewood Flourishes* (Full Orchestral Brass|Percussion)
  • Millennuim Fanfare* (Full Orchestral Brass|Percussion)
  • WWII* (Brass Band)( dedicated to the greatest Generation) 

           * origional compositions




| Brass Quintet | Church Choir | Organ | Hand Bells |

10 movements detailed below : (dedication: "To the Unknown Believer" )


Text will be sung in Latin. Below is the composition grid which I will continue to complete.

Use the page zoom (200%) to read the composition grid.



Voices of the Ancients: Introit | Alleluia | Offetorium

| Full Orchestral Brass | Church Choir - on and off stage | Organ | Hand Bells | sung in Latin |

(Dedicated to the Blue Ridge Brass and the Porter Center Concert Hall)


I have more compositions and arrangements planned for 2015 and 2016 which will include:

  • Youth Chamber Strings and Children's Chorus work entitled "New Beginnings"
  • Brass Band arrangements:
    • Sound the Bells (John Williams) (not yet approved for publication)
    • Alleluia ( Randall Thompson) (not yet approved for publication)
  • 2016 Brass Quintet and percussion projects:
    • The Space Forest Suite
    • The Native American Suite





I have just started writing a brand new chamber music piece entitled "Hues" scored for | Trumpet (9 of them) | Marimba | Piano |. The work will be in three movements - 1. Purples & Reds (four different valveless trumpets will be used) 2. Blacks & Blues (Bb Trumpet & Flugel Horns will be used) 3. Greens & Yellows (B natural Rotary Valve Post Horn, Eb Cornet, and C Trumpets will be used).  The composition explores various musical period styles using nine different trumpets and six compositional treatments including the rich accoustic sonorities of the Marimba and the Grand Piano.

If there is someting that you would like me to compose or arrange, just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will consider it.




I am also involved in a new project that will help with my youth orchestral conducting and composing.  Now please, all of you trumpet players out there, you better sit down. 

Wait for it.. I just bought a viola and I am leaning how to play it.  This will help me understand the complexities of the string instruments both when I am holding the baton and composing music. I have already started orchestral composing (ARIA-2013 for Youth orchestra and baritone) and some fanfare pieces (Summit-1994 and Legacy-1998) so I need this badly!

Here is my new baby!  Wish me luck.... and NO VIOLA JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!