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Premier Brass PublicationsPremier Brass Publications will begin offering music for sale on November 15, 2015.

Premier Brass Publications (PBP) is an on-line publication service of the compositions and arrangements created by Peter G.Voisin. Each piece is avaiable for sale but may need additional project time to secure copyright permissions and preparation time to create the score | parts | MP3 playback file.

You can hear all the arrangements and compositions under the MP3 pages in the Music section entitled PBP MP3s Albums by Instrumentation. There are 8 albums avaiable for listening.

Program Sampler | Brass Quintet | Trumpet Ensemble (4-9 tpts) | Brass Ensemble | Brass Chamber | Mixed Chamber | Choral | Midi

  • Premier Brass Publications2 payment options will be accepted:
    • Credit Card.
    • Intuit Payment Network (bank-to-bank). PBP will offer a 5% discount if you use that paymetn choice.
  • Music will be delivered by email attachment using the PDF file format. Adobe Reader will be available for download if needed.
  • Special ordering can be arranged to include printed music but will carry an additional charge for preparation and mailing costs.