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Musician's Companion

On the go?         In the know?


This page is devoted to:

  • A Master Schedule so all of us can see potential rehearsal and concert conflicts moving forward.
  • Websites of all performing organizations for your reference.
  • Musician contact information (voluntary option that will be posted upon the player's request)
  • Repair services and musical supplies.
  • "Gig news".


Master Schedule:

I have posted the published concert dates of the following five (5)  organizations : | Asheville Symphony Orchestra | Brevard Philharmonic | Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra | Smoky Mountain Brass Band | Blue Ridge Brass | .  I plan to add more next month as schedules become available.  Please email any changes and corrections to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

You may download this PDF file (2.0) with information dated as of September 23, 2014.

PDF File 2.0 Calendar September 2014 to June 2015



Listed Organizations: 

ASO    =  Asheville Symphony Orchestra

BP      =   Brevard Philharmonic

HSO   =   Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra

SMBB =   Smoky Mountain Brass Band

BRB    =  Blue Ridge Brass


Musician Directory: 

(waiting for additions)

Musicians Directory 1.0 


You may download this PDF file (V1.0) with information dated as of September 24, 2014.

PDF V1.0 Musician's Directory as of 09 24 2014



Music Services:

| Music Services: | Repair | Supplies | Conducting | Arranging | Composition | Contracting | Special Events |

(Coming next month)



"Gig News":

(Coming next month)