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Premier Brass

Premier Brass is a Brass Quintet based in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Our instrumentation includes two trumpets (Bb, C, D, Piccolo, Flugel horn, Bb Cornets), French Horn in F, Trombone, and Tuba. It can also become Premier Brass PLUS (with larger instrumentations) and even create unique chamber music ensembles for the most special of occasions such as Weddings, Celebrations, Grand Openings, Corporate Functions, Holiday Events, Special Functions and Memorial Services. We also have a full array of educational programs from K-12 as well as college level Brass Labs available for your consideration. Just contact us for more details, references, and sample programs.

Please visit our webpage here.



Premier Brass Publications (PBP)

Premier Brass Publications is an online publication service that delivers quality compositions and arrangements to musicians seeking repertoire to perform for live, chamber music settings. All publications are offered as a package of score | parts | mp3 playback file. PBP music is affordable and can be acquired through the PayPal payment system. PDF Parts are send directly to your mailbox and satisfaction is guarenteed. Special orders are standard and if additional part adjustments are needed, there is no charge for that service (example - transposition or reorchestration to a substitute instrument). Because PBP uses the Finale notation software, this added value feature is available to you for no additional charge. Our publication services are listed below and as we expand our repertoire, you can receive updates by becoming a member of VE.

  • Brass Quintets
  • Brass Ensembles
  • Brass Band
  • Concert Band
  • Orchestra
  • Mixed Chamber Music
  • Chuch works inclusing brass | choir | organ | hand bells
  • Commussions of any instrumentation and voice 


The Listening Room

You will find 5 MP3 albums in The Listening Room by: | Instrumentation | Collection | Brass Sampler | "Requiem" | "Voices of the Ancients". You can hear Peter Voisin's compositions and arrangements with varying instrumentations and choral settings. All the music is composed on the Finale notation software and also produces the MP3 file you are hearing. The choral parts you hear are produced using the "ah" vocal patch and will not articulate the actual lyrics which are typically scored in Latin (for the church works).



Trumpet Studio

Know thy Self"...This is easy to say but hard to do. I'm talking about your mind, your body, and your soul (Zen). Below is an inventory for you to consider. I am not offering any hot trumpet tips because I have not found any and I don't think they even exist! But asking the right questions can lead to the right answers and the inventory process can help uncover what our next steps can be in our trumpet playing evolution. We ultimately must become our own teachers to achieve the grade we want.  Consider the grade of "B" which stands for "Better". Better is a sustainable philosophy so go fo the "B" (better)!

The Studio will be exploring the following: | Mind | Body | Artists | Brassology (resources) | Studio Practice Sheets | Studio Blog. I invite you to go the the menu on the right and begin your journey. Next quarter I will activate the Studio Blog and we can share our key learnings together!



Roger Voisin was the father of Peter Voisin (owner of Voisin Enterprises LLC). VoisinNation is the tribute web page for this musician who served music through his performance, recordings, conduction, teaching, and mentoring. This section is covers the following five sections: | "In His Words" | ITG Conference 2007 | Pictures | Roger's Rules | Story Board |.


ITG Today

ITG Today is a quick take on events and activities that are happening with the International Trumpet Guild. As the VE websites contunies to develop, we will be adding categories of interest. There is also a web lnk to the 2014 ITG Conferfence in Columbus, Ohio. 


World Spotlight Videos

Here are some uniques videos for Voice | Percussion | Brass.



Duly Noted is a blog devoted to news in the music world about new compositions, health benfits of live music encounters, and cutting edge developments connected with how the brain responds to natural acoustic vibrations created in the chamber muisc setting. Stay tuned!