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Save the date:

November 15, 2015

Now it is January1, 2015

Please excuse our continued continued delay as we complete on-line payment options for you. Due to our delay, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need a collection right away.  I will personally email you the parts and we can settle up on payment after the on-line charge systems and part delivery software is operational.

I am combining the parts so each collection has one PDF containing the 5 movements of the collection and I am working on sizing them so there are no page turns to make thoughout each movement. Thanks again for your patience.


Premier Brass Publications (PBP) will make available two Christmas Colelctions for Brass Quintet (2T-H-TBN-TUBA) and Trumpet Ensemble  (8).  Click here to go to the MP3 Collections Albums and listen to the Christmas Brass Quintet and 8 Trumpet Collections.  The Patriotic Collection is not ready for publication this year because of some copyright permissions. Access will be available online with MasterCard and VISA credit card payment options through PayPal. Once your order is placed and your payment clears, you will received an email with the following links:

  • PDF PartLink
  • PDF ScoreLink
  • MP3 FileLink
  • Request to email that you have received your order in good order.
  • Your complete satisfaction is guarenteed.


As mentioned in the ad above ( appearing in the next 4 consecutive ITG Journal Publications ), 10% of all sales will be donated to the ITG Legacy Endowment in memory or Roger Voisin and in honor of Martha Voisin.  Premier Brass Publications is requesting that you not share your music with others but ask them to purchase it as well.  This will help build the ITG Legacy Endowment and the work to which Roger Voisin had dedicated his life and career.


For more information or to request any future arrangements ( with approved copyright permissions ) , please email Peter Voisin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also watch this page for future announcements on the next group of music available for sale.




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